Breast Cancer Treatment

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women. It can occur at any age in adult women, usually after the age of 40. 

The majority of breast cancers are treated surgically conservatively (without removal of the breast), followed by radiation therapy, and in some cases chemotherapy and hormone therapy. 

Radiotherapy is administered using a linear accelerator and carried over a period of five to seven weeks. In this technique, the patient attend the radiation unit every day. The whole breast is irradiated.  Toxicity include second degree burning of the skin.
Brachytherapy is a very interesting internal radiation since it is delivered twice a day for four or five days, on an outpatient basis. The maximum dose is deleiverd to the tumor bed, sparing the great majority of the remaining gland.  No major toicity.
Published results obtained with brachytherapy are comparable to conventional radiation. Brachytherapy is a well established treatment for early breast cancer and is  recommended by international scientific authorities  (asco, esmo, nccn ….)


Who can benefit from brachytherapy for breast cancer? 

Tumor less than 3 cm 
No metastasis in the axilla 
No distant metastasis
Age over 50 years 

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