Cervix and Uterus Cancers Treatment

Brachytherapy has been consistently shown to decrease vaginal recurrences in endometrial (uterus) cancers. The agreement in all cases seems to be that vaginal brachytherapy is the most efficient method to decrease the chance of a vaginal recurrence. After operation (hysterectomy), brachytherapy is delivered via a vaginal tube, requiring only local lubricating cream, without general anesthesia. 

In rare cases, brachytherapy is used alone, in elderly non surgically fit patients.

For cervical cancer, brachytherapy is usually administered after or during external beam radiation. This radiation combination is frequently used without surgery, and lead to cure in a great proportion of patients. Brachytherapy is delivered via a vaginal and cervical catheters. Sedation an even general anesthesia may be necessary in some patients.