Keloid Scars Treatment

After surgery, burns, injury or body piercing, scars are formed when injured tissue in the body begin to heal. Their function is to reconnect broken or damaged tissue. Scar tissue is made of collagen which more common in black people. The deeper the injury is on the skin, the deeper the scar is. The location of injury and genetics also determine the extent of scarring.

Keloid scars form during the healing process after an injury, surgery, or body piercing. Sometimes keloid scars form on their own, without any apparent reason. They firm and raised from the skin and usually extend beyond the site of injury. The color of the scars may be pink, dark-brown or red. These scars are most commonly found on the chest, back, and ear lobes. They are generally harmless, they may itch from time to time. However; they can be a cosmetic issue if they are visible and make you feel self-conscious, especially in the exposed areas of the body.

In general, many treatment are proposed but the scar comes back. Of these treatments :
Surgery : it reproduces the initial injury and the scar will come back
Some topical medications : cortisteroids creams

Brachytherapy is used for recurrent keloid scars and lead to spectacular and sustained results. A specialised surgeon will remove the scar and a special tube placed in it. Brachytherapy will be administered through this tube the same day and the next one and then removed. More than 80% long term results are obtained with this simple and fast technique.

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